• Aneela Dias-D'Sousa's hand built nature inspired ceramic sculpture titled Exuvia in stoneware with white matte surface

Ceramic Artist Aneela Dias-D'Sousa

Aneela has been immersed in the magic of clay and awed by it's endless revelations for over two decades. She engages with the material she loves through collaborations on custom ceramic work; creating sculpture or functional work; supporting a community of makers or passionately teaching a class.

Aneela is an accomplished sculptor who enjoys creating unique and beautiful, everyday hand crafted objects. She loves teaming up with designers and art consultants to bring creative visions to life. Aneela also offers pottery lessons in a cheerful, safe studio. Scroll down to learn more!

About Aneela

Summer courses start June 27!

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'I enjoy the classes
because there is personal attention to everyone’s needs and to all the
different levels. Aneela is an inspiring and knowledgeable instructor
allowing you to grow at your own pace. '

Julia P. -Toronto

'Tout est positif!  Aneela est une professeure enthousiasmée, attentive aux besoins
de ses élèves, une vraie professionnelle en lien avec la poterie.  Je suis
son élève depuis maintenant 5 ans.  À chaque samedi matin, je reviens de
mon cours et je me sens calme, détendue et sereine. Quel plaisir!'

Maxime G. - Toronto

'I have been learning from Aneela for
about 3 years. She is passionate not just with her work but with her students.
She is always encouraging and challenging them to be better. Her best quote is
“It’s just clay” which for me just encapsulates everything about pottery. I
started as someone who could barely center clay on the wheel to a potter who
has created his own studio. Her expertise is not limited to the wheel but in
Hand Building and Slip casting as well. I am proud to be where I am today and
that is all because of the guidance and help provided by Aneela.'

Sameer G. - Ajax

'The classes are always fun, relaxed and enjoyable. A great place to meet new friends.

Aneela is an
excellent teacher, whose approach allows creativity to flow whilst still
educating, demonstrating and guiding.'

Sam H. - Claremont

'Aneela is very knowledgeable about
ceramics – in both the design and technical aspects. Her instructions are easy
to follow and classes are in a calm atmosphere. Aneela encourages her
students to learn, inspiring them to stretch and grow their skills . I am glad
to have found her.  Her classes are fun with lots of interesting
people and projects. '

Ruma A. -Toronto